Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ch. 7 SCFN

    In chapter 7 the importance of maintaining positive media coverage is discussed. From the start our group has an advantage because our goal is one valued across almost all people and contexts. This does not mean however that we are totally in the clear. It's important to keep in mind the language that is being used regarding our topic, be it through blogs our a Facebook group promoting our vision. As discussed in chapter 4 language is a major component in the persuasion process and one "out of place" word can result in the loss of the audience. Language is also important more specifically online because it determines what comes up in a search engine such as Google. While our topic will probably not receive television coverage it is still important to instill a positive message with reporters. While we are raising awareness in a positive light, those who were steered the wrong way in an interaction with us have the ability to raise negative awareness. It is also important that we as a group compile a basic set of information that we think best reflects our mission in the event that we are in fact interviewed. It is also very important to demonstrate your best behavior as it will reflect upon the organization which you are representing. While some of these points are fairly obvious they are very important nonetheless and can be a major influence in the raising of awareness.

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