Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Drink Night for Safe Harbor

When reviewing some of the ideas to raise awareness for safe harbor I liked the idea of drink night the best.
I think that the idea of having purple drinks was clever but I also think that there is a lot of potential for other ideas regarding this. I think that some of these could include ways in which we could raise money as well as raising awareness. Raising awareness would no doubt be easier, this could be done by simply placing a message on a coaster. I think that bars would be more inclined to this as well because it makes them look good and doesn't cost them any money. Raising money for our cause will be a little more difficult, especially since we are working with local businesses which will understandably look after there own well being first and foremost. A way in which we can counteract this would be by driving more customers to specific bars, while this cannot necessarily be guaranteed for bar owners we need to find a way in which they believe this to be possible. It will be tricky working out a fair deal with the bars as well, we should find a way to differentiate between the regulars at the bar and those whom had shown up in support of Safe Harbor. If we got people who had shown up for Safe Harbor to sign a sheet upon entry of the bar we could somehow factor that into the deal with the owner. All in all I think that the bar idea has a lot of potential and would be one of the best ideas for both raising awareness and money in order to help our cause.

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