Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SCFN Ch. 2

      This chapter entitled "Elements For a Strategic Social Plan" discussed ways in which the media should be handled and used to help further your cause. Some of the chapter I found to be self-explanatory while other areas offered some insight which I thought may help our cause. In the beginning of the chapter the book discussed the so called media chain by which stories move until they have reached national coverage. The reading emphasized getting your topic on all available resources in order to help broaden your horizons. If our topic, for example, were to be posted on online resources such as Clemson's website or Facebook, in combination with print such as the school newspaper, the amount of people we would be able to reach would be drastically higher than if it were just on one media source. The reason for this is obvious, with more people seeing it, the more likely the topic is to draw more people. This chapter also reiterated the importance of clearly stating the organizations values. This is best done through the use of some sort of catchy phrase seen in many advertisements today. This phrase can then be placed on all sorts of print media created by the organization, such as an information pamphlet. The book goes on to state the importance of factual data on items such as these. I thought that a good idea would be to create some sort of informational pamphlet like this with facts about domestic violence. In the beginning of class we were to blog on some of our findings about domestic violence. After doing so I know that many of us were shocked in some of the facts that we had discovered and I feel that other people would react similarly. One fact was that domestic violence occurs primarily in lower income areas. As a result it may be beneficial to tailor much of the campaign towards these areas. The book discusses the power of using media selectively towards certain groups. If we did this we may reach people that are experiencing the trauma of domestic violence.

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