Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ch. 5 SCFN

    Chapter 5 demonstrated the importance of staying technologically relevant, the benefits for doing so, and the problems that ensue if not. This topic relates to our situation through our use of different  potential media types to help raise awareness. Company's and groups must stay innovative in order to keep up with competition as well as the world around them. A relative quote is "innovate or die" this is relevant to our topic of domestic abuse because if we chose the wrong type of media by which to broadcast our topic we would not be able to draw peoples attention. An example of this is the company Blockbuster which faces financial problems as a result of a slowing of sales. This resulted after many people switched over to Netflix. Netflix enables members to receive movies right at their doorstep through the mail, as well as watch movies instantly on their website. Blockbuster who did not innovate is unable to provide as much and has suffered as a result. While these are organizations working to make a profit their situation is important to keep in mind because it exemplifies the importance of innovation. If our group were to post somthing regarding domestic abuse in the newspaper it would not receive near as many viewers than if it were to be posted online or through a Facebook group. Since our target audience is primarily college students we want to use the same media as them in order to maximize our effectiveness. As stated in another previous blog of mine, the use of radio to broadcast our topic would work well too. Since many college students listen to the Clemson radio station it would help increase our audience.

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