Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chapter 3 SCFN

     When reading this chapter I agree with the author in the importance of public opinion research in the target of specific audiences. By using polls we would be able to find what issues to focus on and what are the most important issues according to college students. As discussed in the chapter however, polls can be expensive, depending on the manner in which they are conducted. While it may be possible to reach students through email, I believe that a poll may be misconstrued as spam and would not receive a great deal of attention. I think that if we so chose to we could poll students somewhere on campus like the library bridge. In polling students we could find ways in which to better tailor our approach on this matter. I say students specifically in this because I believe that they would be our best target audience, due largely in that they make up the majority of Clemson. In order to get students to participate in a poll we would need some sort of incentive as well, this is relatively simple however and could be something as easy as candy.

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