Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Safe Harbor Trip

   While visiting the Safe Harbor shelter I began immediately thinking of ideas in which our class would be able to help. Some of my thoughts and ideas had shifted however after hearing Julie describe the situation which the shelter was in. First and foremost I think that advertising is very important. I believe that through advertising we will be able to not only gain support for our cause but also help to raise awareness leading others to start similar groups. I think that a good way we could go about doing this would be through a purple out at one of the Clemson football games, as discussed at the shelter. Purple is the color representing the fight against domestic abuse and if all of the student body was wearing purple it would show just how important of an issue this is. I think that another way to raise awareness for this cause would be to put on some sort of domestic violence prevention walk. If we were to promote making a donation at the walk it would help us to raise startup money which we could then put in to more advertising. The good thing about a walk is that people around Clemson would see many people walking leading them to ask why. This would in turn help to further raise awareness. I think that once we have enough support for our cause we can then begin creating ways in which we earn money. This is especially important after hearing Julie say that they do not have enough room to house everyone and so they have to turn people away as a result. I think that if enough people knew about this problem then we could potentially raise enough money to fund another shelter.

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