Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ch. 9 of SCFN

            Chapter 9 of the book focuses on the importance of selecting a good spokesperson to represent your groups interests. Throughout the book an emphasis is placed on the importance of your group reflecting similar values/ interests of those whom you are trying to appeal to. This is the case in this chapter as well, when selecting someone to represent your groups interests, they should reflect the interests of your audience. In doing so your audience will identify themselves with the speaker and the information will be received better. Over the past weekend our group tried to employ this tactic by having the girls in our group  approach families and kids for face painting. Since the girls in our group would approach families saying things like, "He's just adorable!", the families responded better. The chapter also talks about the importance of knowing your organization's goals through and through. By knowing what we wanted to accomplish, while working on Bowman, we had established expectations for achieving these goals. The book also goes on to talk about the way you deliver the message to the receiver and the content it should contain. Our group knew that when we approached someone to offer them a ribbon we had to mention the purpose for giving it to them. If the person or persons whom we had offered it to did not walk away quickly then we would then begin to talk about some of the goals our
organization wanted to accomplish. By not hassling people and providing in depth information when appropriate, our group was able to put on a successful homecoming campaign for Safe Harbor.

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