Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ch. 10 of SCFN

       In chapter 10 of the book the importance of establishing partnerships is discussed. Partnerships within work are very beneficial for both parties so long as they share similar goals. Of course other factors influence whether a partnership will succeed or fail, but the most important are a shared set of beliefs/ values, as well as goals. Partnerships can help your group by bringing a new group of people with a whole new range of skills to the table. Partnerships also broaden the amount of connections which your group has. While working during homecoming for Safe Harbor we had been approached by two girls in a sorority who said that they had worked for Safe Harbor as well. They offered to help collaborate with our class so that we may help one another achieve our goals. Since they have similar values and goals the girls would most likely be compatible to work with the class in the future. In doing so we would swap connections which would help to further spread word of the Safe Harbor organization. Partnerships can also enable more creative brainstorming sessions. With more people together at once collectively generating ideas, more successful ideas are likely to occur. If a partners don't have similar goals or do not simply work well together than the partnership becomes less than beneficial but rather inhibiting.

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